• Foxy Lady Mink - Last One!
  • Foxy Lady Mink - Last One!
  • Foxy Lady Mink - Last One!

Foxy Lady Mink - Last One!

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 Another colourway for this fun loving piece! This scarf is just perfect for the winter months, instead of wrapping yourself in your usual scarf why not try the Foxy Lady style?

Mink coloured faux fur with charcoal and black wool dipped into mink coloured velvet. The scarf is split at both ends but joined in the middle easy to wrap around yourself and hang off your shoulders, looking interesting!

The unusual design to this scarf is what is so interesting, can be worn casual or over evening wear. 


Measurements: 230x47cm


Care Instructions:  Dry clean or Wash by hand and dry naturally , do not lay over the radiator. Iron on the reverse of the scarf and do not place iron near the fur.

To maintain your faux fur you can brush the fur with a normal hairbrush - to keep it nice and fluffy. Please be careful when brushing not to catch the brush on the scarf and pull the fabric.


How To Wear your Foxy Scarf Mink
The original Foxy Lady Scarf, tailored cuts to hang and fit perfectly around your neck & shoulders. You can find many ways to wear Foxy Lady, Alexia has selected two of her favourite ways.
 *Please press on the 'Full screen' icon on the bottom right of the video to watch the video comfortably in full screen.*

How To Wear Foxy Lady Mink Scarf from Alexia Parmigiani on Vimeo.