Perfectly pink -  Embroidered sparkly sequins back in full swing! Absolutely love this mix of patchwork art.

Just lush for entering these springy days... The lightweight wool is perfect for these chill days and fresh evenings, wearing these light colour ways helps to boost your spring outfits. 

Colours: Powder pink combined with printed flower in lilacs, purples, blacks. Linked with matching lilac squared embroidered sequins to top off with pink fluff - faux fur. 

Content: Lightweight wool , sequin embroidery and faux fur. 

Measurements: 2 meters x110cm


Look After Me: Wash by hand and dry naturally , do not lay over the radiator. Iron on the back of the scarf, do not put the iron near the fur.

To maintain your faux fur you can brush the fur with a normal hairbrush - to keep it nice and fluffy. Please be careful when brushing not to catch the brush on the scarf and pull the fabric. 




  How To Wear your Flamingo Scarf
   Simple and easy ways to wear your Alexia scarf.
      Let Alexia show you personally how she wears hers.
 *Please press on the 'Full screen' icon on the bottom right of the video to watch the video comfortably in full screen.*