A stunning email for the 2017! Filled me with hearts and excitement, thank you Susan. 


Dear Alexia


Happy New Year! Hope 2017 is a great year for you and your business.


I absolutely adore my new rust showgirl scarf, thank you. It drapes beautifully & is incredibly wearable with the layers of cashmere and silk, keeping me cosy and glamorous with this "polar maritime airmass" from Canada that has England in a cold snap!!


I am now the proud owner of 8 AP scarves & 1 sarong 😊


Totally in love with the quality, originality and drama of the scarves.  Keep doing what you do, pushing the creative boundaries. Your blend of fabric, colour and design reign as the supreme scarf triumvirate!


Very best wishes





   The wonderful Jeannie manages to nab the Silver Foxy scarf!


Fantastic scarf.... thank you Alexia.  Looks luxe and wonderful and is so cosy. 

Looks good with my grey cardigan and other clothes. Will be wearing it a lot.

Kind regards






   Street Shoot 

Street shoot photographed by the fabulous and super talented Nicola Favaron.

 A fun day out shooting some Alexia fans in and around London...  

 Just proving that anyone can wear an Alexia scarf.. 


   Pistachio Classic scarf, vintage Alexia  - I remember the days! 

 Loving my eccentric mix of wearers .... Happy days x


The fabulous Laura from beautiful Italia has her say.... 

  "No animals have been killed to make this scarf.... But this fur is hotter than ever"

#fauxfur #hot #alexiafashion #welovescarves #foxylady


A message from then lovely April 

"Feeling free in my Beetlejuice scarf - wherever I travel this one joins me!"

#alexiafashion #beetlejuice #morethanascarf #freedom #travelwithyourscarf

Absolutely love this scarf 
Wearing this throughout the summer months!
Fold the scarf in half and wrap around your neck then thread the tail end through the loop of the other side = perfect! This fit can be for all the 'One & Only's'
As usual with my scarves keep the outfit simple! Let the scarf do the talking ;-)
Had to include the pic of me and my daughter as she jumped in with her princess outfit - hilarious!

Rhashan looking super cool in his Madison Scarf



I love the Madison it travels with me everywhere, I can throw it over casual wear or style it over something more formal.

I don't feel dressed without it!









 The beautiful Elena wearing Nico scarf 



When I wear my Alexia scarf I feel elegant and fashionable, wrapped in a huge hug of super soft silk!

I like to wear my scarf many ways but mainly like this shot and hanging over my shoulders.

I can wear my Nico scarf with any outfit!



Elena x 




Feeling blessed from such positive messages, taken a few quotes from this email! AP is a name my mother used to call me growing up, makes me smile.

Oh and had to take glamorous hug! 

Thank you Susan x

Addicted to AP scarves....

Hello and I hope you are well & enjoying life?

OK,I'll admit it, I love scarves. I used to love almost all scarves actually, but since discovering yours, now find myself looking at scarves and finding them a bit tame and lacking, even if they're quite lovely, there a bit one diminutional after you've worn an AP scarf.

My new AP scarf - Muse, Blush Noir, the softness of the wool and cashmere and the edginess of the feathers make it feel like a glamorous hug. Cosy and cool at the same time! i love that it's got 2 distinct looks: with the features pointing upwards, it's full on glamour; with them pointing down, it's a more everyday look. 

I think it may be my all time favourite scarf. I absolutely love it and once again, want to express my thanks and say how talented, creative and original you are! 

Happy Christmas & Season's Greetings

Susan xx

So happy to receive this email towards my new Menswear line, Thank you! 
 Hi Alexia,  
 Just got your update about the new Menswear. Very excited to see that. My wife still loves the scarves and tops that I bought for her and she practically lives in them.
Everywhere we go people ask where they are from!
I'm just wondering if I have to give Santa the nod. 
Below is the scarf I wear EVERY DAY. I'm serious.  (Style Madison)
Best of luck with all your endeavours.  
Kind regards Rhashan 
So we continue with my beautiful letters I receive that only encourage me to create.
Thank you and I love that you love my artistic creations - lets hope for more!!

Hi Alexia,
A you know I love your scarves and wraps and have so many over several years that I cannot count! I see it's your last full collection! Devastated! Please tell me that you aren't stopping all together!
Your scarves give me so much pleasure every day and I feel like they are akin to art! I have had so many comments and have recommended you to people!
I would love to hear what is happing with you!
Take care Alex x




A beautiful message from a loyal customer who has followed my journey and expressed such wonderful words.
I love to share all these wonderful messages that helps me continue and grow.
Thank you! x
Oh my gosh, I can't believe YOU replied! I've been a huge fan of yours for the past 5 years.
You are so insanely talented!
Thank you for being my favourite scarf designer of all time!
I was buying your scarves from Pie boutique in Kingston when I moved there 5 years ago
and then from Collections in Chiswick whenever I'm over for business trips :) 
When I moved back to Dubai I started following your work on your website and read about your One and Only's.
I've bookmarked the site to make sure I never miss a piece that I love because that's happened
and I can't get over how upset I am at myself for telling myself that I could "get it next time" then constantly thinking about the pieces I missed :
Also, I don't have the patience to wait until I have a business trip to buy another piece!
Thank you for everything!
You are the best!
Lovely to hear that the SG scarf is being well loved, thank you for letting us know!
Hi Alexia,
Just letting you know I love the Secret garden scarf! 
It's so beautiful, I love the details, splashes of colour and texture.
Many thanks
One of our lovely loyal customers tweeted her purchase
of the'Pop Art' Scarf from our new Wanderlust page.
Loving my new @AlexiafashionUK scarf!
I have had sooo many compliments and have given people your website, I love it!!
I have soo many of your scarves now and each one even better!
They are like pieces of art! 
Alex x


Hi Alexia

Thank you for prompt delivery of my new AP scarf & for the generous sale - Daydream, sun kissed dusk.

It is stunning and I absolutely love it. My 4th AP scarf!   

You are so talented and what you are doing with all the extra features, fringes, layers is very original.

Thanks again

Susan x



Dear Alexia,

 Thank you for your quick response,

Your scarves are beautiful, I now have an increasing number!!

I received the stolen kiss scarf today,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your personal attention in expediting and securing it's safe delivery,

as usual it is gorgeous and exceeds expectations.

I was so lucky to get the last one!










Dear Alexia
Got lots of admiring glances in Belfast the last 2 days and much as I'd love to say it was me,
it was actually women checking out my scarf!!
I'm so thrilled to bits with all the different textures going on in the scarf!


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    I love this look. Gaga is a love/hate phenomenon and I’m definitely on the love side. As well, her peforrmance look was incredible and the statue that was made for her performance was UNREAL (uh, yes, giant armadillo heels).

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    Just the type of ingihst we need to fire up the debate.

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