• I love watching award shows for the musical knowledge - finding new bands or hearing the tracks I missed.
    So band 1975 collected award for ‘Best British Group’ and rightly earned in my opinion 'Somebody Else’ BEAUTIFUL TRACK! Takes me back with emotions - cool music with real feeling - YES! Refreshing!

    Bruno Mars absolutely smashed it! Gave us Brits a run for a money - so creative and he can mooooove! Reminded me of the earlier years of Jodeci and Black Street added with a fresh twist! MIX UP!

    Rag'N'Bone Man - Love his voice - musically experimental. Congrats on his award, Brits Critic’s Choice award.

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  • The sensational new singer/songwriter FEMME was introduced to Alexia through stylist Irene Maricone and there was an instant connection. Together they decided to do a creative photo shoot mixing FEMME’s quirky vintage style and Alexia’s eccentric AW14 Pop Art explosion collection. Take a look at the incredible images of FEMME wearing Chelsea Girl, Nico and Love Affair as well as a behind the...

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  •   Lucky Alexia is going to see The Rolling Stones in Hyde Park tomorrow! What better accessory to wear to a gig than the Alexia Skinnie Lizzie scarf?  For those of you that haven't made plans yet for this weekend, here's an idea... Carnaby Sound Festival Why don't you he... View Post