So Moya, tell us, how excited are you really for music festival season? 

I’m really excited, obviously! Last year I had great fun at T in the park and V festival. so will be great to get back in that kind of environment. I’ve been inside recording the new album and so have been a recluse in the recording studio and so I really can’t wait to get back out there. Actually, my first gig of the year and is at How the light gets in festival on the 26th May, it’s the first time I’ll be performing all my new stuff. 

That’s exciting! So, last year you played V-fest and T in the park, how was that? 

Absolutely incredible really. V fest has two different venues, Chelmsford and Staffordshire. Each day has a set of artists, then you switch for the second day. I have to say that the Chelmsford was the best for me because people knew who I was and had come to see me perform, so I had a packed tent and the atmosphere was insane! It was just amazingfestivals are just magical. I prefer them to proper gigs I think because everyone is there to just have a good time. 

Sounds wonderful. But in between festival seasons , you’ve been touring with Rod Stewart and playing big arenas, what was that like? 

Really really good, I got very lucky with tours and I enjoyed every minute. Tours made me the artist I am today, playing arenas that size was just an incredible experience. After I did all the Rod Stewart stuff I did a few of my own shows to round everything off. It really cemented everything for me as I’ve spent my whole life supporting other artists. So when I did my own gigs afterwards I felt like ‘Yeah, I can actually do this, I am an artist myself!’ And it really changed me as an artist so I’m looking forward to stepping out on the festival stages as the new Moya, feeling like ‘this is me, I’m still here, I may be a bit different but there are some surprises.’

(Above Moya wears the Alexia Woodstock and Creamfields scarves)