So as usual I am on the hunt for new resources and finds,

I would like to share with you as I visit them… First stop Sunbury Antiques Market!

I absolutely love markets and wish there were more of them in London, I used to own a stall in Portobello market, many moons ago - the fun days, when most of the stall owners handmade all their own stuff, it was really cool to be able to buy an outfit that no one would have. Chatting and joking with customers during the long summers were just fantastic however the Christmas period was just as fun with the mould wine in hand!

So back to Sunbury Market. It’s an early start 6.30am - 14.00  held on the second and last Tuesday of every month.

I saw lots of interesting items for my garden which I am now creating a mood board for. Also interesting pieces like huge metal letters, crates, books, mirrors, victorian jewellery and just interesting objects that you cannot find in your local shops, at the end of the day we all have a little Ikea in our lives but we need some character in our homes too, I think!

Most objects are well priced I think and if not to just gain some ideas while passing, like the books tied in knots. Could be great for the old books you have at home that you don’t read anymore but don’t want to chuck out, why not wrap a knot around them and stylise them in your home?

It’s such an enjoyable day , early mornings, slowly walking and talking with friends, stopping and starting and to hope for a beautiful sun shinning day, is just a great morning for me.

I couldn’t resist taking home these pinocchio wooden dolls.

I hope you get to make it one day , I will be back again…