Every time I see you, you always look effortlessly fashionable. But clearly its not as easy to be so slick all the time with the amount of work you do. What are your tips? 

I have no fashion secrets, I only wear stuff I feel comfortable in, I’m all for following trends but I think we all need to remember that not everything that looks good on the catwalk will look good on you. Do it for yourself, adapt the latest trends to what you want. Putting on things that are comfortable and you’ll feel better. The Alexia scarves are a wonderful addition, fashionable without too much effort and instantly jazz up any outfit while being lightweight and practical. Amazing! 

That’s exactly how we feel at Alexia. And finally, I have to ask, keeping in the festival spirit, what is your dream festival gig? 

Coachella! Which is wonderful because I love the Alexia Coachella scarf, maybe its fate and I’ll get to wear it there one day! But, I love the idea of Coachella, of performing in the middle of nowhere and I think the vibe is just ridiculously cool, I mean, the crème of the crop have played there, it would be unreal! 

Well, we have our fingers crossed for Moya and can’t wait to see you perform this festival season.  Where can we expect to see you perform? 

So far, How The Lights Get In 26th May, Hop Farm 5th July, Stukafest in Belgium and I’ll keep you updated on further gigs.

(Above Moya wears Secret Garden Party scarf)