April Robinson from Alexia Fashion LTD’s interview with Moya.

The air smells of fresh grass and people are pouring Pimms over icy fruit – the summer is coming! And for music lovers that means only one thing, it’s nearly festival season! 

The Alexia team are big festival fans and we are all looking forward to partying at our favourite ones this summer! The SS14 collection from Alexia embodies this festival feeling with bright colours, and bold prints! These scarves are the perfect festival accessory – giving instant glamour to any festival attire – even wellies! One festival goer who knows this to be true is the amazing London based singer/songwriter Moya. She’s playing several festivals this summer. As a big fan of the Alexia festival scarves, we met up with her to talk about what she’s getting up to and to hear first hand how the Alexia scarves are a staple part of her festival fashion this summer. 

(Above Moya wears the Coachella scarf)