‘A teary exhibition’


‘A teary exhibition’

Diana’s Dresses at Kensington Palace.

Excited to meet up with my good friend Sandra I did not expect to feel this way towards the show.
Walking slowly with the crowd through parts of the Palace trying to imagine what was once there as Sandra playfully walks down the staircase pretending to be royalty we suddenly reach Diana’s Dresses!

The beautiful perfectly chosen music that follows you around the show whist reading quotes left by Diana is so moving that we found ourself 'teary eyed’.
What a woman! Powerful yet humble…You can’t help but feel sad as knowing that she has left this world.

A short but enough to have another memory of her amazing support to charities and how she learnt as a princess and as a peer how to dress in public and knowing that her clothes speak a thousand words, every detail had to be thought out.

Beautiful morning…